WIP Wednesday – What are you working on?

WIP Wednesday? What in the world is she talking about? I am not talking about whips or even that Devo song from the 80's (oops, I just dated myself!). What I am talking about is Works In Progress - WIP. This is an opportunity for me to share with you what I am currently working … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – What are you working on?


Happy New Year!

Well, I'm a little bit late with the New Year wishes (at least it's still January) but I do wish everyone much health and happiness in 2017! To get the year off to a good start, I am offering a free cross-stitch pattern! I whipped up this pin cushion to sit by my chair in … Continue reading Happy New Year!

I’ve been a busy bee . . .

It has been a crazy few weeks since my last post. Winter can't seem to give way to spring. We have been going back and forth so much that I'm shocked I'm not sick. A couple days of temperatures in the 60's and 70's and then it gets really cold again and we have snow. … Continue reading I’ve been a busy bee . . .