Quick Announcement

Kumihimo has become a very popular class at my local yarn shop. I just taught my second class for beginning Kumihimo and it was full. That is two full classes and more students are eager to learn. I need to put together a class that involves beads as that seems to be what my students are interested in learning. So I need to get cracking and put together a class.

If you are interested in finding out when I schedule the next Kumihimo beginner class or any of the the more advanced classes, please sign up for my newsletter and you will receive notice when the classes are scheduled.

I have been working on stock for my Etsy shop. I have added two new listings for stitch markers. I am working on a new pattern as well, but that is far from ready. If you are in the Kalamazoo area and are interested in any of my physical listings on Etsy, please convo me and we can set up personal delivery instead of shipping.


Keep creating!



Kumi . . . what?

Is there a support group for those addicted to the fiber arts? I’m thinking that I may need help. I can’t stop. It seems that I have to try everything, even if it is only remotely fiber related. I think I may be sick.


My latest obsession has been Kumihimo. Kumi . . . what?? Kumihimo. An ancient Japanese form of braiding. Samurai warriors would braid many strands of silk to tie the sections of their armor together. There are so many patterns to braid and so many fibers available, that you couldn’t possibly get bored. Playing with colors, flat and round braids, and then adding beads. The possibilities are endless.

Braiding becomes most zen-like. It is rhythmic and calming. Once you master the basic movements, you can put your hands on autopilot and let your mind wander. It becomes very meditative and peaceful. And who couldn’t use a little peace in their lives?

I have been playing a lot with different fibers and beads lately. I want to start mixing fibers, not only fiber content, but different weights of fibers as well to see how the braids turn out. Experimenting is so much fun! I am currently working with beads which slows down the process, but makes stunning pieces.


I also braided a long braid using a thin hemp. I then cut it into two smaller pieces and tied them to a small focal piece with lark head knots, capped the ends and added a clasp. I wear this bracelet almost everyday.


If you live in the Kalamazoo area and are interested in learning how to make these awesome braids that you can finish into jewelry, bag handles, trims, lanyards, keychains, and lots of other things, I am offering a class this month on Monday, Sept. 26th from 6-8pm. There are only a few spots left so you need to sign up soon. Contact Stitching Memories to sign up!

Keep creating!