WIP Wednesday – What are you working on?

WIP Wednesday? What in the world is she talking about? I am not talking about whips or even that Devo song from the 80’s (oops, I just dated myself!). What I am talking about is Works In Progress – WIP. This is an opportunity for me to share with you what I am currently working on as well as for you to share what you are working on. So let’s WIP it, WIP it real good!

WIP Wednesday

I currently have two active projects that I am working on (an several others in various stages of completion which are on hold for one reason or another). You will notice from time to time, that I stray from fiber arts into other crafty pursuits. So don’t be shocked if all my projects aren’t knitting, crochet, spinning or weaving. I can be distracted easily!

First up is a knitting project. Back in April I did the West Michigan Yarn Quest. Two weeks of driving around beautiful southwest Michigan visiting 10 different yarn shops. What’s not to love? My second stop on the tour was J.T. Stitchery in Rockford, MI. It was a darling little shop and I was drawn to a lovely shawl that had marvelous texture due to the yarn used. I asked about the shawl and learned that it was knit with three balls of Berroco’s Quinoa yarn. They were out of the booklet with the pattern (but I found it at another one of the shops on the quest!) and I decided to purchase the yarn for the shawl anyway. The color number I chose is 1016. It looked like denim to me and I thought it would be perfect paired with jeans. I am almost through the first ball of yarn and I’m loving the project! The pattern repeat is easily memorized and the knitting has been going quickly. The pattern is called Caravel and is available individually from Berroco’s website.


The second project I am currently working on is a cross stitch piece that I also picked up on my yarn quest journey. The last shop I visited also carried cross stitch. My hubby saw this finished design on display and suggested that I stitch it. It is called Songbirds and the leaflet is available from Stoney Creek. I have barely started, but am really liking it so far. I’m sure this will be a long term project, but I am in no hurry. I wish the picture did the fabric justice. The fabric has been hand dyed and it looks like a blue sky with whispy clouds floating by.


I love to see what others are working on. I find it inspiring. I invite you to post a photo of your current WIP in the comments so we can all be inspired.




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