Jumping on the Band Wagon

The yarn shop can be a strange place. Probably not what you expected me to say, but hang with me for a moment and let me explain.

A few years ago, it seemed that everyone at my LYS was knitting the Ivy Vest by Kay Dahlquist. I admired all the vests that were being knit, but had not started one for myself. I liked the pattern, but I was working on other things then. I bought the pattern and stashed it away.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday, and the gal I usually work with had the day off so I worked with someone else. It was fun to catch up with Ann and see what she was working on. Well, she is working on the Ivy Vest. In fact, she informed me that several ladies were working on it and they had come up with a schedule to have it done by September. I mentioned that I had it in my queue but that I was probably so far behind that I couldn’t catch up. They are already three weeks into the KAL. But Ann can be quite persuasive and she convinced me that I could catch up. And I believed her. (See, the yarn shop does strange things to people.)

Well, it turns out that they did the back section (section A) the first week. Then weeks two and three were spent knitting all four panels for section B. This week they were completing one panel C. So I jumped right in and got the back finished yesterday as well as the first panel B. I started the second panel B last night and maybe by the end of the weekend I will have the four panels for B finished. Then if I can get through two of panel C I will be caught up. I can do this right?

Now to totally change the topic, I planted a hibiscus plant this spring and it started blooming this week. It is stunning! Just ignore the weeds.


Have a fabulous weekend and keep creating!



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