Whew! I’m Exhausted

Wow! It has been a productive few days on the studio project. Sunday afternoon, my Dad came over and helped my hubby and I move the very large (and heavy) cabinet to the rec room in the basement. That was quite the feat! I”m sure glad that we borrowed Dad’s hand-truck. Then he stuck around to help us move the sewing table upstairs.

This morning I spent a few hours arranging furniture and organizing things. There is still lots to do and furniture may be moved . . . again . . . but I can actually start working on “fibery” things in the studio.

Here are the progress pictures, as promised.


Stash storage has taken over where the large cabinet once lived. I still have lots of stash to bring into the room and organize in the drawers. I’m hoping that I can hang some of it up later.


Here is the sewing table in its new home. The spinning wheel will live here unless I am sewing. Then it has to move so I can put up the drop leaf on the sewing table. Perils of a small house. But this is much better than my tools being kept all over the house.


Winding station, bookshelves and fiber storage are on this side of the room. There has been much organization in this area since the photo was taken. The rug you see on the floor is gone (I’m thinking of using it on top of the cedar chest for the cats to lie on) and I have put down a nice area rug that my folks gave me.


Finally, we have Agnes in her new home. She is right as you come in the door and she fits perfectly in that small space. Still lots to do, but I am very pleased with what I have accomplished thus far. I think I need a nap now!


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