Whew! I’m Exhausted

Wow! It has been a productive few days on the studio project. Sunday afternoon, my Dad came over and helped my hubby and I move the very large (and heavy) cabinet to the rec room in the basement. That was quite the feat! I”m sure glad that we borrowed Dad’s hand-truck. Then he stuck around to help us move the sewing table upstairs.

This morning I spent a few hours arranging furniture and organizing things. There is still lots to do and furniture may be moved . . . again . . . but I can actually start working on “fibery” things in the studio.

Here are the progress pictures, as promised.


Stash storage has taken over where the large cabinet once lived. I still have lots of stash to bring into the room and organize in the drawers. I’m hoping that I can hang some of it up later.


Here is the sewing table in its new home. The spinning wheel will live here unless I am sewing. Then it has to move so I can put up the drop leaf on the sewing table. Perils of a small house. But this is much better than my tools being kept all over the house.


Winding station, bookshelves and fiber storage are on this side of the room. There has been much organization in this area since the photo was taken. The rug you see on the floor is gone (I’m thinking of using it on top of the cedar chest for the cats to lie on) and I have put down a nice area rug that my folks gave me.


Finally, we have Agnes in her new home. She is right as you come in the door and she fits perfectly in that small space. Still lots to do, but I am very pleased with what I have accomplished thus far. I think I need a nap now!

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Here We Go!

As the snow continues to accumulate outside, I am inside working on my studio. There is a lot to do and some of it involves moving large furniture. Time to call in some reinforcements!

Here is the space that I am working with. (Please forgive the awful pictures I took with my phone.)

To the left in this photo is a large cabinet which needs to be mCameraZOOM-20160112085706185oved out of the room and downstairs to the rec room. That is going to be a huge job. This is a piece that my mother in-law refinished. It is a beautiful piece, but it takes up too much precious space in the studio. It is going to swap places with my sewing table (I hope!).

The plastic drawers will hold yarn/projects. I have several more that I can add if my yarn stash requires it. The low brown cabinet will be moved into our office to store office supplies. That will be an easy move.


The cedar chest is going to stay and be used for storage. It was my grandmothers and I am very happy to have it. It will also make a nice place for my cats to hang out and watch the neighbors out the window. I am also thinking that it will be a good place to set up my lightbox for photos.

Lastly, here is the built-in closet. I already have some of my craft supplies CameraZOOM-20160112085726255stored here. I will have to share it as we use it for some household storage as well. You can also see Agnes in this photo. The dress form mannequin arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to use her for photos. My plying wheel is shown here as well.

I have spent a good portion of this morning clearing out things that no longer belong in this room. I am at a stand still now as the larger furniture pieces need to move out before I can bring much more in and start arranging. It’s going to be a slow process, but I am very excited about it! Stay tuned for progress photos!


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Small Update

As I push forward with my plans on building up this business, this blog/website will be a large part of it. So even though I don’t have a formal post ready, I want to get myself in the habit of updating the site.

Things are moving forward at a good pace. Yesterday I registered the business name with the County Clerk and set up a bank account as well. The next step will be to get my new studio in order. I am turning what used to be our spare bedroom into my studio so I can have all my supplies and tools in one place. Plus I will have a place to work where I can shut the door if I leave it a mess. First thing that needs to be done is some furniture moving. I am hoping that will happen this weekend. Photos of progress will be forthcoming.

Happy Creating!

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New Year, New Goals

New Year

Welcome to 2016 & to Knitamazoo Fiber Arts! I have decided that 2016 is the year that I am going to devote to building this “on again, off again” business. I’ve dabbled with it long enough. It’s time to get serious. Hopefully I can foster a community of fiber artists to share ideas, techniques and inspire each other!


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